Scotland's Leading Digital Imaging Specialists


At Digital Onset our promise is to provide your production with the most suitable kit for you; whether that be a Macbook laptop, Mac Pro DataLab or live grading system. Unlike some other companies we don’t try and convince you to use the most expensive pieces of equipment we have. We strongly believe in working with our clients in providing the best option for your budget and needs.

All our kit can be dry hired and our packages are completely modular.


  • Digital Imaging Technicians
  • DIT Assistants
  • Assistant Editors
  • Workflow Supervisors
  • Onset/Near-Set Colourists
  • Video Assists


  • Onset or Near-set Data Labs
  • Dry Hire Mac Pro's
  • Onset Colour Management - Livegrade/3CP etc
  • Calibrated Grading Monitors
  • LTO5 or 6 Secure Back-up


  • Secure back-up to insurance required standards
  • Full Quality Control Check (QC) with Digital Lab Report
  • Full Workflow service from start to end of project
  • Transcoding to any editorial format
  • Dailies Colourist
  • Onset Live Grading
  • Colour management
  • Sound Sync-ing
  • Editorial bin supply